Welcome to Flourish Publishing House!

We are excited about Mario's Golden Locket, our first children's book.  You'll see why when you watch our fun book trailer.  Here are some other things you can enjoy at Flourish Publishing House:

  • A picture tour of the farm in Uruguay where the book was written and photographed.
  • Free downloadable items for children and adults.
  • Ideas to make the story applicable to the little lambs in your life on the Springboard page.
  • Dig deeper into the meaning behind the story on the Graffiti of the Heart page.

What is important is what I say about you.

That's what is true.

Mario has a special heart locket made of gold, given to him by the King.  One day he discovers how important it is to guard the words written within it.  He learns that the the words of the King are truly the only words that really matter.

Because we live in Uruguay, we are unable to fill book orders.  However, if you would like to buy Mario's Golden Locket, you may click on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble to be taken to their stores.  The book is also available through iTunes as an ebook, and as of August 2013 it is available in Spanish, "El Relicario Dorado de Mario". We hope the book blesses you and the children in your life.