Mario’s Golden Locket

"We just wanted to thank you for the book, 'Mario's Golden Locket'.  Such a powerful story!  I've read it to my 2-1/2 and 4 month old daughters, but today, especially, it also spoke to me."  Claudine N.

Mario's Golden Locket speaks to people of all ages because it is essentially a story about identity-- our identity as God's beloved.  It was written to help children and adults recognize the truth of Christ's unfailing love for them and to encourage them to guard their hearts, believing His words above all others.

To understand more of the truths in the book on a deeper level, please go to Graffiti of the Heart.

If you would like to purchase Mario's Golden Locket,  you may click on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble to be taken to their stores.  The book is also available through iTunes as an ebook, and is available in Spanish, "El Relicario Dorado de Mario".   We hope the book blesses you and the children in your life.